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DOMA § 3 and Prop. 8 Are Dead; My 15 Minutes of Internet Fame

June 27, 2013

The Supreme Court has overturned section 3 of DOMA, the “Defense” of Marriage Act! (PDF) And effectively left Prop. 8 overruled! (PDF) It’s been a hugely exciting week for me as a law student and as a gay American. And even more so because I’ve somewhat accidentally gone on a miniature media blitz.

First, Mike and I seem to be the headline feature of the latest video from All Out (just look at their home page). Specifically, we’re the main image for their latest video, “This is what happens when a nation says yes to love,” which has made the rounds on Joe My God and The Huffington Post. (If you see it anywhere else, please leave a link in the comments.)

I also spoke to a reporter with the Washington Square News, NYU’s student newspaper in the article SCOTUS gay marriage ruling sparks new battles.

I’m immensely proud of the work LGBT rights attorneys and activists have done in these cases, and I look forward to future litigation and other forms of activism that help establish that all of us are entitled to equal rights. We have miles to go, but this nonetheless is an extremely exciting step for the community!

ETA: We’re also up Upworthy.

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