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BREAKING: Maryland recognizes marriages

February 24, 2010

Just this afternoon, Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler has announced the state will recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, effective immediately.

The Washington Post has the story, first posting this:

A long-awaited opinion by Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler (D) out Wednesday morning concludes that the state’s highest court is likely to rule at some point that same-sex marriages performed in other states are valid in Maryland.

And later this:

UPDATE 2:50 P.M.: Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler (D) says effective immediately the state recognizes same-sex marriages performed elsewhere and state agencies should begin giving gay couples the rights they were awarded elsewhere.

While Maryland still won’t perform the marriages, couples now have the option of moving to that state and bringing their marriages with them, or getting popping over in another state to get married.

As a reader who e-mailed me the story put it, “Apparently, the full faith and credit provision of the Constitution actually works!”

Coming up soon: My first snail mail hate mail! (There’s probably a better term for that, but I’m enjoying the rhyme.)

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  1. tpkyteroo permalink
    March 1, 2010 9:29 am

    Personally, I think that Christians should stop trying to legislate ‘sin’ or morality. What I mean, they should stop trying to pass laws and keep laws on the book that make people act in ways Christians think is moral. Laws do not stop Homosexuals from loving their partners.Laws do not stop or prevent anyone from doing or not doing anything. Its been proven that if something is ‘banned’ for a particular group of people, more people within that group run towards what was banned and tries to get involved with it. How many teens smoke and drink behind their parents back? This is only to prove that you can not legislate morality. This does not mean that people are going to run out and try being a homosexual. Yes, I do support letting homosexuals live their life their way. I’d show up at my friends wedding if he were to tie the knot. And yes, I’ll probably be harrassed for my view point by the Believers I associate with, but I don’t care. I’ve been harrassed by believers long enough! Congrats!

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