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Allard update

January 4, 2010

Out in Jersey has an update on the condition of Jesse Allard, the young Pennsylvania man who says he was brutally beaten in Butler, NJ after complimenting a guy on his coat as he went out to a bar for his birthday (see previous post for details).

From the article:

[Allard] was left with severe injuries to his knees and the possibility of not walking again. Allard reports that anti-gay epithets, including the word “fag” were used during the assault.

Investigating Detective Colleen Pascale of the Butler Police Dept. has, according to Allard, retrieved a video of the car running him over from the security camera of a nearby business and the car has already been found. Pascale is seeking witnesses to the attack and Allard is hopeful that a witness can be found to corroborate the use of homophobic language. Corroboration is necessary to classify the attack as an anti-gay bias crime.

At Chilton Memorial Hospital in Pompton Lakes tonight Allard is awaiting evaluation by a specialist to determine his prognosis.

I’ll be sure to let everyone know if I find a fund to aid in his recovery, since he’s uninsured, or any other way to help. In the mean time, there’s nothing wrong with letting the Trackside Bar and Grill, whose owner is alleged to have participated in the attack, how you feel. Google says their number is (973) 838-8044‎.

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