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“Moral Crossroads for Conservatives”

August 8, 2009

Jonathan Rauch has an amazing piece on morality and the anti-marriage equality crowd over at National Journal Magazine:

If cultural conservatism continues to treat same-sex couples as outside the social covenant, the currents of history will flow right around it, and future generations of conservatives will wonder how their predecessors could ever have made such a callous and politically costly mistake.

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  1. Dave permalink
    August 14, 2009 1:27 pm

    Here’s the money quote for me from that article:

    From Sprigg: “Society gives benefits to marriage because marriage gives benefits to society. And therefore the burden of proof has to be on the advocates of same-sex marriage to demonstrate that homosexual relationships benefit society. Not just benefit the individuals who participate but benefit society in the same way and to the same degree that heterosexual marriage does. And that’s a burden that I don’t think they can meet.”

    At first glance, that sounds reasonable. Until it occurs to you that homosexuals are part of society. So they benefit society per se when they benefit themselves.

    The burden then shifts onto opponents of same-sex marriage to show that there is some cost to the rest of society that outbalances the obvious, large gain to its homosexual members.

    It is frankly surprising that Sprigg apparently failed to consider this obvious counterargument.

    I am also confounded as to why anyone has to show same-sex marriage benefits homesexuals “as much” as heterosexual marriage benefits heterosexuals. First, how would anyone ever show that? What data would be marshaled and how would it be analyzed? Second, why is that necessary? What if it benefits homosexuals 90% as much? 110% as much? Does that bear on anything at all?

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