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The Gay in Public Blog and the Realm of the Nondescript

May 26, 2008

Nothing much has been happening in my publicly gay life recently, I’m sorry to say. We did go out and see “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” which was fun, but kind of silly, even for an Indiana Jones movie. I do have to give it bonus points for referring to the only Young Indiana Jones serial I’ve seen, as well as the return of a great old character and the addition of a decent youngster. But I’m old enough now to realize that the riddles are all very easily solved, and every plot development can be seen a mile away.

The theater we went to is the same place we always go down here, the Multiplex Cinemas at Town Center in East Windsor, a town which, ironically enough, has no center. The large number of good for nothing punk kids* set my ‘phobe alert on high, but aside from a few stares (which I barely even notice anymore) we were a-okay.

At the Blockbuster in that same centerless town, we rented “Last Crusade” just to refresh our memories. (I never got around to watching it until after he went back up to Fishkill, N.Y.) The guy there who helped us always seems to be there, and right now I can’t remember if he actually wears sunglasses indoors at night or just looks like the type.

Either way, when he saw the case he asked, “This isn’t the first time you guys have seen this, is it?” We reassured him we’d seen them all, and he said he was “just checking.” I can’t help but wonder what he would have done if we hadn’t seen the others before. Curious, but comforting in its apparent gay-friendliness.

Lastly, I suppose, there’s the new front desk person at work, taking the reins from a number of floaters some months after I left the position. I worried a bit that when I mentioned my boyfriend would be stopping by for lunch she would flip out, but she was more of the “Oh, cool! What’s his name?” type, which I infinitely prefer.

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