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Broadway (oh, the stereotypes!)

March 23, 2008

This past Friday was Good Friday, Purim, and, most importantly, my birthday. To celebrate, my guy visited, as did my brother, and good times were had by all.

After much encouragement, I got everyone to play some boardgames. Guy and I beat my mom and brother at Cranium, and my brother won (he only beat me by two points!) at Carcassonne. (For the record, I have been to Carcassonne, and it’s nothing like our board ended up being.)

For the purposes of this blog, there were only two relevant events. The first was lunch on Thursday at La Piazza in Allentown, N.J., which was filling but otherwise unremarkable.

More thrilling was our trip Saturday to New York to see Avenue Q on Broadway. We had heard most of the songs before and totally psyched ourselves up, and it was still really amazing to see in person. First we met up with a college friend of mine (that makes me sound much older than I am) for lunch, and then we walked the 10-odd blocks uptown from Penn Station to the Golden Theater, which was surprisingly small. Our seats (purchased with the aid of my brother, who gets a discount on such things) were great!

On to a slapdash review…

Visually/Puppetally: Amazing! I had seen bits in pirated videos on YouTube, but it was another thing to see it in person. The level of detail on the set was incredible, and the puppets were fantastic. We were both totally thrown by the nightmare version of Kate Monster, which you’ll have to see to believe.

Audio/Acting (because they both begin with “A”): I’m no theater critic, but I had no complaints about the performances. Christmas Eve (Ann Sanders) was particularly entertaining, as of course were Princeton/Rod (Howie Michael Smith) and Kate Monster/Lucy (Sarah Stiles).

The boy was totally astounded at the singing and instrumentation, which I fully admit was excellent. I only found out afterward that he had never been to a Broadway show before! My parents took me to countless musicals when I was younger, in what could only have been a secret plot to make me a showtune-loving homo. (Their plan only half worked – I don’t like musicals that much.)

Homophobia: In a show like Avenue Q, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could be homophobic, and nobody proved us wrong. I felt a little on edge walking back to Penn Station, since the area around the Port Authority is a bit unsettling, but people didn’t stare at us much (that I noticed) and nobody said anything. It was a reprieve I think I deserved for my birthday!

Other: My guy actually met the man who played Brian (Evan Harrington) at his (guy’s) job. He was telling people we were going to see the show, and the guy, a customer, said he was auditioning for Brian. Turns out he got it! Congrats, Evan!

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