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Of Chinese food and new gyms

March 18, 2008

I should really be going to bed, but I meant to post this days ago, and if I wait until tomorrow he’ll be here again. I also wanted to do something constructive with my night besides take out the recycling.

Anyway, blogging is all about sacrifice, right?

As usual, he came down Wednesday to stay through Saturday morning. He got in late, so there was no public gaiety that night, and honestly, there wasn’t much Thursday night either. But we did at least walk down the street to get Chinese food at the hilariously named Holy Wong restaurant just down the street from me in Hightstown. We called ahead and got takeout, so all we had to endure were a couple of weird looks walking there.

Weird looks on the street are the most annoying, because it’s easier to imagine people following you into a dark alley. They also tend to be the most free to express their opinions, and we’ve only ever had serious problems with people outside. I guess people are more restrained indoors because it’s harder for them to get away, which is probably smart of them because he’s pretty big and intimidating (and little do they know that I’m a first-degree black belt in tomiki aikido and can kick a fair amount of ass myself).

Friday night was more eventful. I had a few errands to run, and he, being the sweetheart that he is, didn’t mind coming along. As usual, our quick run through Target was harassment-free, adding further evidence to my theory that Target is the gay Wal-Mart (trendier and 75% less evil!). That’s actually kind of insulting to straight people, though, since Wal-mart is thoroughly , truly evil.

Our real errand was to check out Work Out World in nearby  Robbinsville, since I get no exercise and really ought to. He didn’t really want to be affectionate with me during the tour, which I took offense to at the time, since he hadn’t given me any verbal warning, but I can be neurotic that way. The gym itself was nice enough for me to sign up. (Going there tonight was one of those things I didn’t get to.)

For all the internal drama associated with the place, we didn’t any homophobia at all. Even when we did hold hands, no one looked at us strangely, and the staff treated us just like I imagine they would a straight couple. They even tried to get him to sign up too, for when he visits, which I thought was ludicrous (doing the math, he’d have to go a crazy amount for it to be worth it).

Check back next week when I describe my birthdaystravaganza! I was born March 21, which this year is Good Friday.

My motto for this year? “He fell; I rose.” (That’s a capital “He,” if you can’t tell.) But then, I am a fairly sarcastic atheist, so Christians should not take offense. If my birthday were on another religion’s holiday, I’m sure I’d find a way to offend them instead.

My brother is set to come visit on Friday, and on Saturday my guy and I are set to go see Avenue Q on Broadway in New York. I’m totally psyched, and couldn’t possibly imagine a more gay-friendly atmosphere than at that show, in that part of town, in that city.

Lastly, as a native Pennsylvanian, I have to say: What the hell is wrong with you guys?! If this proposed anti-marriage, anti-civil union amendment passes, I will never, ever move back there, and they can kiss my quick wit and tax dollars goodbye. Maybe I’ll even donate money to some anti-Pennsylvanian state, like… New Jersey.

Oops, too late.

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  1. saperle permalink
    March 19, 2008 1:19 am

    If you’re coming to NYC and not just doing the couple-y thing, give me a shout and maybe we can grab a drink or something!

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